Saturday, January 10, 2015

Moves Rod

"Now that the adults are to bed we can continue," Amadeus giggled. "Come, come! You simply must see this little spy! And a pretty penny I paid for him too."

Mozart slid an expensive-but-tacky painting to the side and pulled a rod to open up the false wall in his reception chamber. "I know it's wrong of me to keep him in here, but I just don't know where else to do it."

Beethoven was just 17 - you know what I mean - and was intrigued by this crazy middle-aged guy and honored by his attention, but it was all a bit much sometimes. He sighed, ducked, and stepped into the small secret chamber.

Meh, nothing but a bi -

"Just listen to him, the little... thief!" Come to think of it, the bird was singing. Familiar, yes - oh oh course - that would be Wolfgang's Concerto in G Major from three years before?

"Of course he had nothing better do in that merchant's stall all day than to memorize my piano poundings! Of course the merchant could have memorized them too, if he weren't so thick-headed. But he really was for the birds - he sold the fellow for a pittance!"

"But this must have been three years ago - why crow of it now?"

"I didn't know you three years ago... but no, it's not that. It's a triumphant... a sad, triumphant reminiscence. Ludwig, I can see he's dying. I liked writing that, playing with that... it was like a duet. Of course you can hear that his song is not quite the same. It never was. I'm not sure which of us is wrong, you know!" Amadeus laughed.

"This is so... random!" Ludwig chuckled despite himself, echoing generations upon generations of future teenagers.

"You don't say! I love... well I don't want to talk about such lighthearted things because I'm quite depressed by this really - I think I'll give the little fellow a hearty funeral full of sadness and pomp - but I love, love randomness! Ahh, let's forget sadness for a while." He stooped and exited, Ludwig following behind. "Come, come to the parlor. I have a musical game for randomness! We'll write music with dice! And we must talk about anagrams! There is one lady visiting with so much to say about them - and pretty, too!"

"You don't say!" Ludwig mock-echoed.

It was to be a merry evening indeed, for all of the night's guests... but not one for the public record. No-one involved wanted our two friends to go down in history as friends.

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