Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lonely God

As the battle commenced, Joe happened to be eating a bag of asian potato twists.  He watched from a bar stool, semi-interested, and nudged Lemtata.  A fight for the soul of Candace began, Mama Brain against the two Pennys, and one Penny against the other.  There was lightning and electricity and strange ooze and screaming.  Most of the bars patrons split when it started, except for Joe, Lem, Lemmy, and Nik Turner, who was too busy rolling a joint on the bar to notice the commotion.

"She's mine!!!" screamed Pennybags, his monocle steamed up with perspired moisture.

"You can't just make up the rules!! She still has a choice in this!" replied Pennywise, his long green teeth oozing and dripping, his eyes like a sickened reptile.  

Pennybags shot a laser out of both his eyes, chuckling and grimacing.
"It's too late.  You know it.  I know it." 

Mama Brain was not having it.  She had not come for anything less than Candace and the end of both of these monsters.

Joe stood up and briskly walked into the fray in-between the three of them.

"Stop," he said.  "This matter is outside the authority of all of you. The Lonely God will decide. Let him come forth."

Joe threw down his bag of twists and motioned to the others to look.
After a minute of suspicious glaring, they all gazed down to look at what he had discarded.

Then a miracle occurred.