Friday, September 4, 2015

Milk Rock

“The will to do it a twist!” cried the Lonely God.

“Uh… what?” exclaimed everyone else in the room. Which was kind of somehow a store and kind of somehow a bar, because it was funky that way.

“You have committed all the sins!”

“That was surprisingly comprehensible,” mumbled Lemtata.

“Any you do not have to have an Candice! No, I will send of you all to another place and time! To Toronto in 2013! And—”

Mama Brain interrupted. “Yeah, babe. *Which* 2013?”

“Uh… what?” exclaimed everyone else in the room, except the Lonely God.

His response was “Funky woman really talk!”.

“What is he talking about, hon?” Lemtata asked Mama.

“Oh, everybody died.”


“Just like that. Suddenly, everyone died. Just us humans, not anything else. It was about, I don’t know, 2016 or so? I wasn’t following that closely. Then human history started over again from the monkies and, well, a few billion years later, here we are, honey.” Mama Brain was now on UFO stage of Time Pilot, but did not seem to be giving it any attention while sailing unscathed through the hails of on-screen bullets.

“Yeah... right. Some kind of weird poison or something?”

“Oh no, the authors were just bored I think.”


“Oh, they’re all right. Hey look, we’re there!”

To Lemtata’s amazement, they really were there. Mama Brain’s arcade corner, where Lemtata was standing to chat, was still an arcade corner, but it was further away from everyone else in the concert hall. They were in a concert hall. Some band was giving a concert.

“This piece is by The Organization,” announced the band leader. “It doesn't have lyrics, so we gave it some, because it's no fun just being a cover band all the time. Can we hear it for creativity?”

The crowd roared.

“All right. Bear with us, this song doesn't have much room for lyrics, so it might sound pretty strange. But it sounds pretty strange anyway. All you big fans, you know what we're talking about! Get ready for Milk Rock!”

Into various points in the melodious cacophony that ensued they moaned and shouted:

weiƟ, schmelzende Musik...

Lemmy stood at the front of the audience throughout the whole song, his jaw hanging low.