Thursday, January 19, 2017


George Rhea swatted at a fly absently as the level neared completion.  He finished and paused the game. 

"Why do you play that stupid ancient game?" asked Jennifer, who had snuck into his office a bit too stealthily. 

"You wouldn't understand, and don't scare me like that again," George snapped as he turned off his monitor, "How is the patient?"

"Good, the contingency plan you set up worked perfectly, and only the first round of sedatives had to be administered.  He only managed to remove a couple I.V.'s and his tubing, which has all been replaced and reinserted.  Patient is in sleep stasis. Everything is back to normal except the flan. We could not find the back up supply;  apparently, it seems a custodial worker noticed it was expired and disposed of it three months ago.  I couldn't find anything to use except..."

George Rhea hoped she didn't say that they used his Jello brand Crème Brulee pudding.  He had been saving it for his special day.

     "Well?..." he blurted.

Jennifer fidgeted and her face blushed slightly.

"All--(ahem)...all we could find was a box of pudding." she finished.  Then a brief nervous chuckle escaped her as she noticed George Rhea's face.  He swiveled away from her in his office chair, back around towards his desk.

George turned his monitor back on. 

"Notify me if anything changes.  And I'll expect the Crème Brulee replaced.  That'll be all, Red." George dismissed her icily. "Oh, and let me know when you have the info on the Norse kid."

Jennifer backed out of his office gratefully as Rhea continued his umpteenth epic round of Minesweeper.

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