Monday, January 9, 2017


Coming back down, Ralf, Klaus, and Florian landed right back in their hotel room.

"Reality's a hell of a drug, man," muttered Klaus.

"You're tellin' me! Can't kick it for good without dying!" Florian was talking pretty well for someone still grounded on the floor, which must have been spinning pretty fast for him, since he was flailing so wildly.

"...Und so." Ralf this time. "Do we care about this inflatable menace, or not?"

"What menace? He floated away."

"Oh come on. Villains always come back."

"A very narrative reply. If he's really a menace, then... to Krautrock!"

Krautrock was the name they'd given to Scarborough Bluffs (hell if they knew what it was called) when they were on their way in to Toronto.


"Let's call Peppa!"

Peppa Steelmann, their tour-bus driver, was not pleased by the 4 a.m. "taxi" call, but money is money, and money is good. Not much later they arrived at the Bluffs. At Krautrock. Whatever.

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