Friday, May 18, 2018

The Gate Destroyer

The Ralf that had been Ray faltered briefly, then desperately took a wild guess.

    "Hmm... those are lyrics from some of us wrote...dang.  I get it." Then he shrugged and laughed it off, quickly changing the subject.
     "Hey, I hear Florian has a line on a new Chocolate Moog.  Only 208 were made.  Can't wait to play out with that shit!".

He chugged a third of his Urquell and hoped Ralf didn't suspect anything.

Just then Danzig appeared on the huge rectangular flat screen TV Ralf used as a computer screen.  He was very close to the camera and looked horrified.

"The Gate Destroyer has awoken!!!!!"

Ralf shuffled and shouted towards the hall,

"Dude, I know you're in the studio!   We just had a game an hour and a half ago!  Knock it off!". There was only silence, but Danzig on the screen screamed and fell.  The TV went dark.  Several moments passed  Ralf looked at Ralf.  They both got uneasy and filed out to check the studio.

The first thing that seemed off was that everyone else had vanished and it was deathly quiet.


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