Friday, July 4, 2014

Action Synthesizer Hero

Following Mama Brain, Joe went to the store. They went to the store, got some meat. Went to the store, something to eat. Something to eat! Something to eat! Something to eat!

Joe approached the candy aisle. A fine holographic mist, Rupert Pennybags, still as invisible and ineffectual as a half-vanquished Voldemort, approached it as well.

Joe wasn't much for sweets in general, but since he was passing by, he examined the local offerings. Like much he had seen already in the three minutes he'd spent in the store, it was strange. Most eye-catching was a chintzy-plastic bag of small wrapped candies, with the brand name ACTION SYNTHESIZER HERO splattered across it in gritty shitty ink. Joe felt like he could see it peeling and fading away as he looked. The logo looked as comicsy as its name, and Joe's entire current universe, implied. A red irregular umpteen-pointed explosostar lay behind the words, with a thick yellow border.

The candy wrappers had a Golden-age-comics vibe, with many a POW and KERBANG and a bomb or a fist.

POW! A fist leaned on Joe's chin as he was leaning in to better examine the bag.

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