Sunday, February 2, 2014

Defeat of the Pedants

Joe stared bug-eyed at Jose's outstanding play. It wasn't just the improvement, it was --


"Yeah," Jose muttered, visibly in another dimension in thought.

"You know this is actually Ms. Pac Man, right?"


It was as Joe thought! Jose really was convinced he was playing the original Pac Man. It wasn't too surprising... Jose had been calling out the original fruit names, and kept talking about reaching level 255. Joe knew that his Ms. Pac Man crashed already at level 142.

To Joe's amazement, Jose was now on level 141 (and barely conscious, though also incredibly awake from the coke... Jose called it the "Heisenbuzz").

Joe started to tinkle on his handpiano, and began to sing.

"When Dillinger sang..."

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